New Website!

We have some very exciting news to share, we are in the process of collaborating with Flosites to create a brand spanking’ new website and blog! Sorry we haven't been posting, the process has been a long time coming, but is in the final stages of production with a debut date later this summer. In the meantime, we will be devoting our attention towards development and greatly appreciate your patience! So what can you look forward to in the new blog?
  • Large beautiful photos and video
  • Sleek interactive design
  • Fresh content


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  1. Doug Tuck

    Can’t wait Catherine, so excited to see what amazing work you are doing now, you are truly an inspiration, thank you

    • You rock Doug! Thank you for your continued support

  2. good to see you back!

  3. Gordon Jones

    Great news. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful work and hearing what you have to say. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Rick Estrada

    Hey, will the podcast ever happen? Just curious.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    • Thanks for asking, as for now I am focusing on my client work, but whose to say it won’t happen one day in the future :)

  5. Gardner von Holt

    Catherine, looking forward to your new site. I always look forward to seeing your latest work and thoughts.

  6. Bruce Bonin

    Thanks for sharing Catherine. Looking forward to seeing the new Site/Blog. Always enjoy seeing your new work and reading your thoughts.

  7. Looking forward to the new site, more posts and maybe Unfiltered.