New Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing | By Rob Sheppard

epson_digital_printing_002.jpgCheck out my images in the New Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing by Rob Sheppard. Epson is the company at the cutting edge of quality digital photo printing, and their superb equipment makes it possible for everyone to print sparkling photographs at home. With the help of Rob Sheppard, editor of Outdoor Photographer and PCPhoto magazines, amateurs can enter Epson's brave new world with all the latest information.  This latest edition of the Epson guide reflects the increasing sophistication of ink jet printing, with its faster speed and better tonal and color reproduction. It helps today's photographers select a model that has the right features, choose from the new options of quality papers and inks, and succeed in creating excellent prints--and have fun while doing it.  Sheppard passes on valuable knowledge on developing a consistent workflow, sizing and sharpening images properly, making black-and-white and panoramic prints, and much more. To complete the picture: the guide includes gallery sections from well-known photographers who are all Epson spokespeople and users.

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  1. Now, it is possible to get professional results from digital printing at your home or small office. Not only has the quality gotten much better, buy the prices have dropped as well.