What do the Novogratzes have to do with CHS?

Cortney and Robert Novogratz are life partners cut from a rare, peculiar (dare-I-say enviable) cloth. They are hip, successful, madly in love, artistically savvy, and--oh, did I mention that they are the uber-cool, competent parents of seven, precocious mini-Novogratzes? Hailing from the South, Cortney and Robert relocated to New York City to establish Sixx Design. With their seven children in tow (Sixx Design was named a few years before the seventh), the wife-and-husband home-design team buy and move into a house, renovate, and up-sell. They have transformed countless homes, apartments, flats, hotels, vacant lots, and even entire blocks (sometimes from the ground-up) in the city, upstate New York, Massachusetts, and Brazil. With tres fabu details like a sofa created by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid or a rococo-styled chandelier from a Paris thrift-store, Cortney and Robert apply their alchemy to create bohemian-luxury, an irresistible combination that echoes the couple's fine taste and artistic boldness. What's more, their family funhouse is the subject of a new, Bravo reality show, aptly titled 9 by Design. Obviously, I'm totally sold on the Novogratz family--I mean, can I buy one of your houses, please?! That said, what in the world do they have to do with Catherine Hall Studios? Well, in a sense, everything. At least for Halloween weekend. I absolutely cannot wait to tell you what's going down in a few weeks... I'm just not going to tell you, yet! Watch this video to get acquainted with my new friends and stay tuned!

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