PDN’s Focus On Wedding and Portrait Photography | Free Virtual Event

Next Thursday, May 25th, I am excited to be a speaker for PDN's Focus on Wedding and Portrait Photography Virtual Event. The two-day virtual event for photographers is designed to be very interactive, informative, and inspirational. This expo is full of excellent speakers, very well versed in the world of promotion, marketing, and what it takes to be a successful photographer. Even better, by being a virtual event, PDN's Focus on Wedding and Portrait Photography is accessible to anyone logging in from any location. I really like the idea of creating an online space to provide free and informative content to a large and deserving audience. The webinars, virtual booths, and speakers really provide a well rounded and truly exceptional event requiring literally nothing but a desire to learn and improve your approach to photography. I am looking forward to sharing my business and marketing philosophy about building relationships with clients, branding, and niche marketing. I am also really excited to learn some great tips from the impressive array of professionals that will be speaking. I hope you check out the expo and even stop by my virtual booth for a chat. *My speech is sponsored by Digilabs


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  1. Thanks Catherine for sharing your knowledge! Your honesty is refreshing and very helpful. I’m still listening to it and already feel compelled to post here. Well done :-)

  2. Hi Catherine,
    I enjoyed listening to you during your PDN webinar yesterday. It

  3. CatherineHall

    Thanks so much for your positive feedback; it means a lot to me!