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As an aspiring photographer, one of the most important things you can do is to get your work out there. And there’s no better way to gain exposure than to join photography contests. It can be really difficult to keep track of the hundreds of contests running simultaneously at any time. I was searching for photography contest directories to promote my Lowepro-CHS Self Portrait Photo Contest – and I thought it would be a great idea to share this list with you. Check it out and mark your favorite contests on the calendar. Oh, and voting is open for my Photo Contest on Facebook – don’t forget to submit your self-portrait if you haven’t already ☺

Photo Contest Information

This website is my go-to photo directory because of its comprehensive listings of photography contests out there. It has a section showing contests that are ending soon and another listing photo contest results. If you are looking to submit your contest, Photo Contest Information also has an amazingly quick response time to requests.

Current Photo Contests

Another of my favorites, Current Photo Contests lists vital information about contests both Stateside and worldwide. The cool tabs on the top right hand corner show you the number of active contests as well as contests with approaching deadlines. To enter your own contest, simply submit details via email to Kudos for its quick response time :)

The Photo Contest

This website has an extremely easy to navigate and well-organized interface. Contests are organized into yearly, monthly and quarterly categories, which makes it easy for you to prepare submissions according to deadlines and frequency of the contests. Have a contest? Submit for consideration via

Photography Competitions Network

Photography Competitions Network is probably the most professionally managed of all the listed photo contest directories. It has a team of researchers to look for competitions and contests and routinely work with big-name organizers. It has a user-friendly interface and contests span worldwide and are organized in terms of regions. The only downside? It is slow to respond to contest submissions and features paid advertisers most prominently.


Strictly saying, Photolinks is not a photo contest directory, but a congregation of photography-related directories. It has a section listing photo contests and photo contest websites – and contest listing is free if you are an amateur.

Proof Positive

Proof Positive lists both major and minor contests on its site. Spanning worldwide listings, the photo contest directory has comprehensive listings for both amateur and professional photographers. If you are submitting your contest, your contest has to have a deadline that takes place within 6 months of submission.


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  1. postscripter has a photography contests sections
    with its clean, and simple interface it is what I currently use.
    And it is ad free.

  2. Patrick Enger

    Very helpful article for those looking to enter photography contests. I found a pretty good one here: