Rick Sammon’s Photography@Google Talk: I Play Assistant

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of filling my week with Rick Sammon! The photography educator joined Leo and me on TWiT Photo in our swanky TWiT studio in Petaluma and did a live demo of creative lighting solutions. That same week, I made my way down to Google HQ at Mountain View and introduced Rick at his talk to Google's photography club. I even got on the other side of the lens and posed as a model as the "Godfather" shared his know-how with an eager audience. Watch the video for the expert's vital lighting tips, and check out his blogpost! I'll be posting my interview with Rick during his weekend CreativeLive class very soon – stay tuned!


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  1. That was so much fun to watch. Thank you for sharing. best, aE

  2. Daniel Olson

    Thank you for sharing the workshop Catherine! One quick question, did they film the photo shoot as well? If they did, is it also on YouTube?