The Empress of Bramwell

In the little town of Bramwell, West Virginia, there once lived millionaires and coal-mining landowners. Today, it is a land that reminds locals little of its glorious past. Yet - people are still proud of their hometown and routines. As I drove around town consuming sights and sounds foreign to my own, I was stopped in my tracks by this woman - who was bigger than life - I just had to photograph her. It was a challenge to convince her to agree to it as she was in the midst of Sunday choir practice and didn't have much time. I usually like to spend some time to seek out suitable backgrounds to match the character and outfit of my subject - in this case, I had to make do with our immediate background. The miracle was, it worked out great and I made her day. She was flattered to be photographed  wearing her best Sunday choir outfit and beamed with pride.


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