The John Deere Way of Life

This was a photograph from a commercial shoot for John Deere and the original concept was to illustrate how the brand is not just about equipment, but a way of life. I was interested to capture the lifestyle of people who depend on John Deere for their livelihood and was not satisfied with the provided models. With that goal in mind, my assistant and I drove around to get some inspiration and we found a Mennonite family who was just perfect for the shoot. I chose to illustrate the lifestyle of farmers including generational loyalty to the exclusive brand. This image of the Mennonite family is the perfect representation of how John Deere equipment is an important fixture in users' lives.


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  1. You definitely captured the life style. Did you have the pose?

    • Marv, not sure what you mean by your question?

    • gil feliciano

      Catherine, he probably meant did you pose the people or was it candid?

  2. Dave

    One of my favorite images…you and your assistant happened upon some magic there and you sure captured it!

  3. Allison

    What really struck me about this photo was the colors and the contrast. From the stark green of the lawnmower alongside the dull green of the grass to the pastels of the clothing against the hazy background, the subjects really stood out. Very cool!

  4. Every detail in this photo is perfect.Gorgeous Image Catherine!

  5. Kimberlee Gerber

    I found this website looking for wedding photographers in ORLANDO,FL and realized that one of the pictures in the slide show when you enter the site is your John Deer picture. I’m not sure if this is someone associate with you and the shoot or if it was stollen. Caught me by surprise and I thought either way I would check and see. I love all of your work. Keep up all the great inspiration you have been providing TwitPhoto!