Tibetan Refugee Monk, Age 4

Kodak Ecktachrome E100g | 50mm | 1/125 | f/4

In another life, my photography sojourn to India brought me to a temple bordering India and Nepal – it was one of the most memorable trips of my life. The Tibetan refugee monks were so gracious and kind to me – and even invited me, a total stranger, to their solemn puja session, where they chanted en masse and offered prayers to the world. I studied opera singing for 5 years – and I was so inspired I decided to fill the temple with my own melodic hymn. The acoustics of the temple were extraordinary and made the moment simply magical. This image captures the youngest monk at the temple among his older mentors.


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  1. Peter Leal

    You are such an inspiration. Keep creating, propelling, manifesting. The world needs more!

    ~ Peter Leal

    • Aw thanks Peter for your kind words. I hope to do even more passion projects around the world :)

  2. peter Nuttycombe

    Just to say I would love to have two Tuesdays every week Love the Photo TWIT great show. Roll on Tuesday. As you can see You are on my daily reads. Thank You xx