Shrugging off Prejudice: How I Came to Embrace iPhoneography

After years of snubbing the iPhoneography explosion, my perspective has changed – thanks to my TWiT Photo co-host Leo. I explained to him that I felt the restrictions and limitations of an iPhone limited its use as a creative tool. I am a tech geek and obsessed with gear, and the fluid ease with which I can snap on a wide-angle lens or create a shallow field are at the core of my photography. Leo responded by saying something interesting: “Catherine, don’t limitations prompt growth and a novel approach to a known situation? Think about it,” he said. His words challenged and inspired me to shrug off my former prejudices about iPhoneography and to figure out how to use their inherently limited capabilities to approach my craft from a fresh angle. This weekend, at a concert with DJ Morgan Page in San Francisco, I took a series of images with Leo’s words in mind. I guess the “Great Resistance” is finally over.


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  1. Yeah, but think of how much better the photos would have been with a real camera :-P

  2. Chucky

    The thing that bothers me about Phone photography is it starts to all look the same lake a formulae. Take a pic , add abit of grunge, some gain and a organic frame.

    IMO the best use is when I have to big of a lens on and the subject is all of a sudden much closer. They have a nice pretty wide angle lens and can get the shot. Add to that street shooting and it has a nice niche

  3. It took me a while to accept iPhoneography as well. I do love my DSLRs and film cameras. But.. the iPhone 4 and 4s have broadened my photographic mind. The idea of a connected camera with so many powerful applications is a game changer. The fact that so many people now have a decent camera with them all the time has made photography more popular now than ever. That said, a person still needs to have the eye and work at their craft to call themselves an artist or photographer, no matter what tool they use.

  4. Mark

    Use all available resources, I say!
    I have gotten some pretty incredible images from my iPhone, and combined with, or without, certain apps.
    Sometimes it was the only device I had, and I was glad for it.
    One can’t always have bigger cameras on you. It is another tool at your instant disposal, for when a golden shot appears.