An Interview With Profoto: On Fear + Details in Photography

Since I started experimenting with artificial lighting, I've become a fervent evangelist of Profoto – known for creating and shaping absolutely gorgeous light. I am extremely excited to be interviewed and have my work featured on Profoto's blog. Thank you, Ron Egatz, for the wonderful and insightful article into my background and lighting journey. Here's an excerpt: “I was relying on natural light because I was actually scared of strobe,” she says. “I wrote about my lighting journey on my blog. It’s basically about the fact I was scared of strobe and used natural light as a crutch more than anything.” Quick to point out she feels strobe isn’t better than natural light, nor vice versa, Hall believes every individual environment, situation, and shoot is unique. “To be the best photographer you can possibly be, you need to have all the tools at your disposal,” she says. Using artificial lights in ways she hasn’t before continues to revolutionize her approach, ability, and things she can do." Read the full article here.

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  1. Great article and a good read. Girl on the bar photo, really good.
    One thing if you don’t mind… “evangelizing” sounds so “dot-com bubble”… so 2001 (didn’t sound good then either)…
    I’d leave the evangelizing to the original gang of four :).