Quick Tip: Location, Location, Location

Quick Tip: Locations often play a paramount role in the impact of an image. Search for backgrounds that complement the clothing and personalities of the couple. Don’t stick a conservative couple against a graffiti wall just to get your shot – it won’t resonate with them and you won’t create the best image of your clients. This was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/160 sec. using Canon 5D MII at 85 mm.

Where is your favorite location to photograph a couple?


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  1. Catherine,

    My favorite spot locally is the capital mall in Washington D.C. With the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument at one end and the U.S. Capitol at the opposite end you have incredible well lit backgrounds to choose from even at night.


    • That sounds like an awesome location!

  2. steven

    Hey Catherine I have been looking around the tips and tricks sections of the website, images like these do they have filter on ? if yes, what filter?

    Thank you

  3. steven

    just to followup on the previous comment I meant to ask if you use the polarizer filter or its all the retouching the Raw images giving the effect ?

    Thanks again