Scholarship Funds trip to Appalchia


Last year I was awarded an incredibly generous scholarship, the Jason K. Stern Travel Scholarship, from Julia Dean ( After much contemplation I decided to resist my usual urge to go off to some remote place in world and am going to work on a photo project in the US.

On September 10th, less then 24 hours after I return from France (eek), I will fly from New York to Knoxville, Tennessee and travel with camera in hand around the Appalachian countryside for one month. I have been in contact with a non – profit organization in Kentucky and am working on details of my next photo project.

The trip isn’t necessarily the best timing being that I had to turn down a lot of work during the busy wedding month of September. But, in order for me to stay passionate and inspired I need to maintain a healthy balance between my wedding and editorial photography. Both types of photography enrich my life in completely unique ways and I would get burnt out if one existed without the other.  This image was part of my submission portfolio.


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