State-of-the-Industry Photographers’ Conference in the City of Angels

Tofurious is the brainchild of wedding marketing consultant Lawrence Chan, an irreverent social-media innovator at the forefront of this field. As a longtime friend and peer, Lawrence generously invited me--along with other photographers, such as Dane Sanders, Bianchi Sisters, Joe Buissink, Jason Groupp, and founder of Thirst Relief Jim Davis-Hicks--to participate in a state-of-the-industry conference in Los Angeles today and tomorrow (August 4-5). Dismayed by what he calls the "tactical slaughter of one other through slashing of prices, leading to an eventual degradation of the industry....all while the middle-tier is being risk averse," Lawrence is partnering with Jeff Jochum to form Startup Strategy. Startup Strategy focuses on aspiring professional photographers who lack experience and veteran photographers who might have lost clarity through the years. At today and tomorrow's conference, speakers and discussion will revolve around how newbie photographers can distinctively set themselves apart and uniquely market themselves, and how experienced photographers can turbo-charge their existing business and find clarity again. I return from LA next week and look forward to some of the pointers I picked up with you! Stay tuned...


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