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Eyes will inevitably furrow and harbor a look of concern and curiosity when people hear that I’m not a huge vegetable eater. “Oh why?” “You have to start eating vegetables – they are essential for your well-being.” I couldn’t agree more theoretically, but to actually start changing your habitual diet is almost like asking a smoker to quit cigarettes. It’s hard. However, I’m happy to say that after countless tries, I’ve finally come up with a fruit+veg concoction that gives me the nutrients I’ve been lacking. Those of you non-veg eaters will love this mishmash of squash, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and more. Simply throw the chopped squash, sweet potatoes, dry cranberries, apple and maple syrup in a baking pan and bake at 375°F for 40 minutes.

In the mean time, news from my studio:

TWiT Photo Episode 15 with Bruce Dale

In his 30 years with National Geographic, Bruce Dale has had over 2,000 published images and won coveted awards such as Magazine Photographer of the Year and White House Photographer of the Year. It was an honor for me to witness Bruce’s artistic brilliance during a group trip to Tasmania. Leo Laporte, my co-host, has boldly proclaimed Bruce his favorite photographer. Watch TWiT Photo Ep. 15 to learn his photography insights and tips here or on iTunes.

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Recommended: Adorama Pro Imaging Dept

I had the chance to visit Adorama’s new Pro Imaging Department in NYC recently and I was blown away. Professional photogs have always been at the core of Adorama’s business. Shooters can now go to their dedicated area of Adorama’s retail store in New York and be treated like VIPs. The newly renovated store, which incorporates the VIP department, is an intimate space with pro gear, from tripods and ball heads to studio lighting and modifiers, and other essentials.

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