Tag, you are it!

We've been scratching our heads here at Photography Unfiltered trying to come up with a snazzy tagline for the show. We have some ideas but haven't hit the "YES!" spot. We are keenly aware that our intelligent audience will likely have some great ideas and therefore, we are launching "Tag Photography Unfiltered" Contest today. In brief, we are looking for a short, catchy, easy to remember line that captures the spirit of the show - inspiration, empowerment, and community. Interested in helping us create the show tagline?

The winner of the contest will receive a Rezo 180 AW bag from LowePro. This messenger bag from Lowepro is AMAZING - in fact, I carry a Lowepro messenger bag on every single shoot. Entering is quick and easy! Just comment on this blog post with your idea! If you'd like some additional information about the show check out the intro website also take a moment to Subscribe in iTunes (additional subscription formats coming soon). Good luck! We are looking forward to reading all the entries! - Catherine and Ryan    


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  1. Aaron K

    Raw to the core!

  2. Photography Unfiltered – Everything about photography, for everybody.

    • You definitely understand the show message

  3. Gregory Urbano

    “Percolating Pixel Nirvana”

  4. “Stay Focused”
    “See the Light”

    • Great ideas!

    • dbltapp

      I vote for “stay focused”.

    • I know – its an Awesome suggestion

  5. Ted

    Looking forward to the show. Interesting in seeing tips and tricks from the pros especially from the lighting perspective!

  6. Randy E

    RAW information, developed online…

  7. Aaron K

    “where the art and the craft come to life”

    “Creative vision for today’s photographers”

    “By photographers, for photographers”

    “practical advice, professional inspiration”

    “because your passion is our passion”

  8. Albin

    Thanks for adding the Feedburner RSS feed, which I didn’t find on earlier visits. (I only recently learned of your TWIT show and am looking forward to this one.) I’ll leave suggestions to your regulars.

  9. You can use the tag line that I use on my blog “Life in Aperture Priority”

  10. Tom Barr

    “Remember to look beyond the obivous” is my entry.

    I am subscribed at the iTunes feed and have received the two video versions of the pre-show (small & large). The large is not iPad-1 friendly and the small is not sharp enough on the iPad-1, just feedback.

    I am looking forward to the show.

    • Thank you for your support, I greatly appreciate your feedback!

  11. I liked the one from your post on Google+: “Focused on the Art of Photography.” Can you award the prize to yourself? ;-)

  12. Aaron K

    “Your guide as you journey through the viewfinder.”

  13. How about “Where photographers come to get inspired and learn”

  14. Photography Unfiltered – For amazing moments.

  15. Photography Unfiltered – Everyone’s Photography In Manual Mode

    • Photography Unfiltered – Manual Mode for everybody!

  16. Ron MacKay

    Photography Unfiltered, a clear view of photo subjects.

  17. “RAW and unfiltered, the way all photos should start”

  18. Peter Syrett

    We all know people who “Tweet” but I think you should “C.H.I.R.P.”, Catherine Hall Inspires Remarkable Photography, so lets all get chirping. Best wishes for the new show.

    • Now that’s a great acronym, thanks Peter!

  19. “Everything on Photography”
    “Inspirational Photography Talk”
    “The Best Photography Talk”
    “Talk Photogrpahy!”
    “Photography Talk!”
    “Photography talk, From Lens to Pixels”
    “Lens to Pixels, Photography Talk”
    “Let’s Talk, From Lens to Pixels”
    “Vision to Pixels, Photography Talk”
    “All Things Photo”
    “Everything Photo”
    “In-depth Photo Talk”

    Just a few that came to mind. Hope this helps!

  20. “Flashy Photos Are A Snap Away”

    Hope you like it.

  21. GwynR

    Photography Unfiltered – reality based inspiration & information.

  22. Jason Bell

    From Available Light to your Creativity.

  23. Sue

    Photography Unfiltered – in Raw Footage

  24. Matt Gendron

    Photography Unfiltered-Welcome….Where Everything Comes Straight Through to You!