Tasmania Album Places 1st Place at WPPI

Journal entry #15 - The People of Tasmania As I sit on the plane returning to SF I feel deeply saddened as though a part of my heart has been left in Tasmania. My love for this island does not route from the expected such as sensational landscapes, magical forests, exotic wildlife, but lies in the extraordinary people that I was blessed to meet. My love of travel is fueled by exposure to various cultures and my love of a country is dependent upon the nature of its people. In my life I have never found a place full of such beautiful people that made me feel safe, welcome, comfortable and embraced. I felt accepted without reservation, judgement or suspicion, which is not always the case when you have a huge camera hanging around your neck. Tasmanians are open people who are kind, generous and willing to share their lives. There is a pureness to them that I haven't been able to find anywhere in the world. They give because they want to, because they have open hearts and minds and they expect nothing in return. The nature of those I was fortunate to meet has truly affected my life and will undoubtfully have a profound affect on me and the way I live my life. YOU ARE INVITED TO VIEW MY TASMANIA IMAGES that placed 1st Place at WPPI album competition. You may also find out more about my Tassy work and other Adventure Photographers in Rangefinder Magazine, O'Reilly websites, Adobe Lightroom Book by Mikkel Aaland, PDN, TWiT with Leo Laporte, Rangefinder Radio, Adobe Lightroom Gallery Site and by visiting my Blog. Thank you Mikkel Aaland and all the Lightroom Adventure Sponsors (Adobe, Tourism Tasmania, Epson, Lowepro, O'Reilly and Qantas) for making this trip possible.


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  1. Catherine, Congratulations on your first place award. The People of Tasmania was amazing and hit my heart deeply. What a wonderful experience in your life. Thank you so much for sharing. Many blessings and future success from your Wisconsin admirer Bob Holl.

  2. CatherineHall

    Thank you Bob! I am really glad that you enjoyed the work. I look forward to sharing more!

  3. jamie Zartman

    Heard you on TWIT, your Tasmania Images were everything I had anticipated and more!
    I look forward to seeing some fusion renderings in the future.