It’s Not Broken!

"It’s not broken!" These were the first words I ever heard uttered by interior-architect icon Cortney Novogratz.  After returning from the hospital with their nine-year-old son, Breaker, Cortney shouted her message up the stairwell in the six-story $20-million West Village home where she and her husband Robert live. Well, where they’re living for now.  Cortney and Bob are the creative directors of the mad-skills Sixx Design team; they move into ramshackle, lackluster, or sometimes just-not-hip residencies and cast a spell on these dwellings with their bohemian-chic magic. Then, they sell.

The Family

Over the course of my 72-hour photo-immersion with the Novogratz, I came to learn that shouting messages up stairwells was the modus operandi for this family. And, by family, I mean 7 kids, including two sets of twins and three boys ranging from tot-to-teen; several nannies, and an exuberantly cool and hardworking set of parents who preside over their domain with improbable poise and good cheer.

The Mystique

The Novogratzes possess an abundant energy that allows them to wholly embody the now – they have an uncanny ability to live so fully in the moment that you can't help but be swept away in the fairy tale. Despite the chaos, I missed the rollicking, wild, loving, close-knit nature of the Novogratz home when I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area. My house just seemed so... quiet.

The Verdict:

I am absolutely in awe of and grateful for the Novogratz family inviting me into their jaw-dropping home to spend 72-hours with their family in the name of creativity! Thank you so much for everything!

The Teaser:

This is only the beginning of my recap of our photography immersion together. What comes next? ART WORK that profiles their 7 kids!


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  1. nice catherine! love lil skater and bath time! cant wait to see more :)

  2. Sounds like a fascinating project, and a fascinating family! Phew – tired just thinking about it.

  3. Laura Crenshaw

    Cool! I’m one of 10 kids, and absolutely loved it. I’ve dreamed of having a bunch of kids myself, but I also want to do socio-photodocumentary work in underdeveloped countries. It’s tremendously inspiring to hear stories of families like this. =)