Thirst Relief Mentor Auction – Last Day to Bid!

Today is the last day to bid in the Thirst Relief Mentor Auction! I've signed up this year as a Mentor, donating 90 minutes of instructional time to the highest bidder. Bid now to win a one-on-one session with me via Skype or at WPPI, and you can help save lives while improving your photography!As the winner, you can use the time however you want. Are you a beginner seeking tips to take your images to the next level? With extensive experience as a photography judge and educator, I can give your portfolio a critique as a whole in addition to critiquing individual shots. But the opportunity goes way deeper than that. Maybe you know you're a great photographer, but just can't seem to break into the market? I can offer valuable time- and money-saving advice, gleaned from years of figuring out this industry, to help get your business off the ground. I'll help dissect your business model to find the areas where you could be saving or making more, and I'll assess your website and marketing materials to offer feedback on how you're reaching out to potential customers. Act fast! Bidding ends tonight at 11pm EST. All of the proceeds of the annual Mento Auction benefit Thirst Relief International's efforts to provide humanitarian and disaster relief to those in need worldwide through the provision of safe, clean drinking water. The mission of the auction is twofold, to save lives and change the world, and to create better and more successful photographers. Look at these numbers: Last year, the sponsors and 90 mentors who participated in the Mentor Auction raised more than $40,700 which directly provided 8,147 people with clean water. Add to that the incredible wisdom and talent that is being shared through these mentoring sessions to create more successful photographers and entrepreneurs, and it's truly a win-win for everyone involved Start bidding now:

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  1. you rock! thanks for mentoring to save lives!