Tip of the Day: Shoots Within the Home: Find the Light

[caption id="attachment_14594" align="aligncenter" width="711" caption="This was shot at F/2.5 @ 1/125 sec. using Canon 5D MIII @ 85mm."][/caption] In continuation with my Tamara Lackey inspiration series  we expand to explore shoots within the home! Via. Tamara Lackey:  Window light can be absolutely gorgeous, especially when it’s pouring in through a large picture window that just happens to be technically diffusing a soft light and delivering a softbox-quality effect. Much of what you do in a client’s home is figuring out what little “sets” you can create near the light you find; that is part of the fun of it, too. This photo was captured during a photo shoot for Apple Park, an eco-friendly distributor. I really wanted this little guy and his caterpillar toy to pop. I lit him with soft window light and picked the white walls and carpet as a background to enhance the green in his onesie and toy. For more tips on capturing meaningful family portraits check out Tamara Lackey’s book, “Envisioning Family”   [caption id="attachment_15037" align="aligncenter" width="711" caption="From the Apple Park homepage"][/caption]  


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  1. Tamara Lackey

    thanks, woman! and quite a lovely shot you got there : )

  2. As I have become more confidant behind the camera I have also become more confidant in coming into a clients home and completely rearranging everything to get a photo.
    Very cute photo!