Quick Tip: Switch it Up!

Before (right): This was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/125 sec. using Canon 5D MII @ 95mm. After (left): This was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/125 sec. using Canon 5D MII @ 100mm.

Quick Tip: Clothing Makes a Difference : The two images of Robert Novogratz demonstrate the difference even a quick jacket change can make. In the image to the right (before) Robert's neutral T-shirt blends into the monochromatic background of the image, making him less of a focal point. Adding the green jacket not only brings an element of texture and structure to the photograph but, also says something about his personality.


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  1. Hi Catherine,
    Interesting post. In this instance I actually prefer the image without the jacket…maybe it’s because the tones aren’t as warmed up as the right side image. To my eye the t-shirt stands out just as much since the background around the shoulder is much darker.
    Thanks again, I do enjoy reading your posts.

  2. JP

    I agree with Paul. My wife never dresses me with brown and blue.:) I like the smooth transition but you seem to like the upfront approach.

  3. I prefer the Mickey Mouse t-shirt shot over the jacket shot because it seems to be a lot brighter in my opinion.

  4. JM

    Is it me or is the “Before (right)” and “After (left):” descriptors reversed? Anyway, I like both images but prefer the one on the right, with the jacket, as the subjects head/face appears to stand out more from the background.