Tip of the Week: Be Positively Presumptious

Often emerging portrait photographers lack confidence in their ideas. If that is you, don't let it show!  Your subject will pick up on your insecurities and loose faith. Learn to trust your gut and believe in your vision for a shot - radiate that confidence and dedicate yourself to making it a success. When shooting this model, I had the idea of putting her out in the middle of moving traffic. I suggested it with a big grin and guided her out into the street.. My enthusiasm transferred to her and out to the street she walked. If I had been even the slightest bit hesitant, she would have picked up on my doubt and probably said no. It was confidence and assuming success that made the shot. Thank you to Jenefer Taylor for being such a great model and check out her beautiful music and photos. Producer: Robyn Taylor Photographer: Catherine Hall Studios Stylist: Thea Chalmers Hair & Makeup: Clifford Hashimoto ISO 200 70mm f3.2 1/400 sec


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