Tony Hewitt | Those Who Inspire

There are times in our lives when we need a little reassurance and then it suddenly appears at just the right moment.

Sitting on a bench, nervously contemplating one of my first speaking engagements at a major convention, I was beginning to doubt myself. Rather than hyping myself up, all I focused on was whether I was ready to be doing this. Was I qualified or even skilled enough to give other professionals tips? I was scared and had no idea what to expect when I stood in front of a huge crowd of people. Would I panic or would everything go by smoothly and effortlessly?

At the culmination of my self-induced panic, along came Tony. At the time I didn't know Tony but sensing my distraught feelings he took the time to sit and talk with me. Tony helped me gain the confidence that carried me through the event and many years of speaking engagements afterwards. All it took was someone to believe in me for me to believe in myself. Experiences like this remind me how important it is to surround yourself with supportive people that bring out the best in you. Making a conscious choice like this will enhance your business and personal fulfillment in many ways. Those who believe in you will always help boost your confidence.


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