Top Model Release: The Real Story

Top Model Release App: Designed Exclusively for Photographers’ Peace of Mind

When I first began my career as a professional photographer, I undervalued the necessity of getting the subjects of my portraits to sign releases; I was solely focused on crafting incredible pictures to build-up my portfolio. As industry figures began to take note of my images, I quickly realized the error of my past ways: One of my first ‘big breaks’ occurred when Adobe asked to feature several of my photographs and I joyfully agreed. Finally, I thought, I will finally begin to receive the recognition for which I’ve worked so hard.

Top Model Release, Model release app

Unfortunately, no legitimate company would dare print or publish images that aren’t backed-up with a model- or property-release. It was with a heavy heart that I had to turn down Adobe’s offer–without model releases, none of the images in my portfolio were commercially valid. What a huge let-down…but also a hard-won lesson: Credible photographers take care of the details.

Top Model Release was born from this experience. The user-friendly app lets photographers quickly and easily create unlimited model and property releases on-the-go, rather than having to cart-around unwieldy stacks of paper that can get lost en route. It lets photographers electronically stamp their business’ logo on PDF versions of the release for total customization. And, in order to simplify storage and cataloguing, photographers can embed the corresponding image directly into the release. What’s more, Top Model Release is approved by one of America’s leading photography copyright lawyers, Bert Krages, and also approved by Getty Images.


Get yours today! But, before you do so, be sure your iPhone is upgraded to iOS5 here –it’s free and easy to upload. Check out Top Model Release and share your feedback here! I’d love to hear from you.

*iPhone Native / iPad Compatible available now for $8.99*

*Universal version for iPad Coming Soon – Current iTunes Store policy is complimentary upgrade for all owners of the iPhone Version*

Click below to get your copy today!!


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  1. Dima

    Android version please. This is actually an amazing-sounding app, but I an a faithful Android user (as are many many people). An Android version would be great and profitable.

  2. Bruce

    Any plans for an Andriod version?

    • At this time we are focusing on iOS with an universal iPad version rolling out this summer. After that, depending on the demand – anything is possible!

  3. Wyatt

    It says here the app is on sale but it is $8.99 at the app store. Did I miss the sale? I almost bought the wrong app because I was looking for the lower price.

    • The sale lasted until June 15th and now the price is $8.99. Good news is that if you purchase the app you will get the universal iPad upgrade for free.

    • Wyatt

      Sounds like it is still worth the $9.

    • Why thank you! I would hope so :)

  4. Well, I demand an android version, this sounds wonderful.

    • This is the best request I have heard for android yet. Thank you for that :) We are still working on the iOS version, creating an awesome iPad experience now. Will consider other platforms based on demand when we finish iOS. Thx!

    • Jake

      Is there an ETA on an ipad native version?

  5. Thanks for putting together TMR! I just dropped $9, not just for the app, but to say thank you for the podcast..

    Lots of photographer love,


    • Wow – so kind Brian – Thank you! I really appreciate your support on multiple levels.

    • Brian Fischer

      Your welcome!

      I just noticed your a Cal Poly alum, if you find yourself back in SLO, lunch is on me :)

  6. adriaan

    when will the ipad version be available. i already downloaded the app but i don’t have an iphone.

    • We are working day and night to create the ipad version, unfortunately software is very unpredictable! We will notify you on the blog when we receive new information.

    • Adriaan

      Thanks. I love the app.

  7. Is there anyway I can purchase & use this Top Model Release app on my HTC andriod?

    • At this time we are focusing on iOS with an universal iPad version rolling out soon. I understand Android is awesome…one step at a time :)

    • TheFloridian

      Bummer! I’m so looking forward towards the Android version. Please don’t forget us Android users. We are alot of them out there (about 51% to 61%).

    • TheFloridian

      BTW i saw your google talks video and loved it, shared it and favorited it.

    • You Rock- Thank you!!

  8. Michelle

    Heard about your app via CreativeLIVE :-) At the time the model release is being signed, is there a way to snap an iPad (I don’t have an iPhone… Get) pic and add it to the model release, so that it is included on the release that is saved and emailed? Thank you.

  9. Seems wonderful! Is this something you’d be able to email a customer if they are unable to meet with you in person to sign??