TWIP PODCAST | Catherine Hall on Price Perception

Check out This Week in Photography (TWIP) Podcast #128 on Price Perception. I had a great time putting together this podcast with the talented Fredrick Van Johnson and Alex Lindsay. We address the issue: Should Wedding Photographers be charging $500 or wait until they can charge $5,000 in addition to some other interesting discussions. I think this feature really addresses an important point for both photographers and for brides and grooms. The subject of the cheap Wedding Photographer is very relevant in the growing wedding photography industry. How people determine value and set prices varies so I think this podcast provides insightful commentary from the professional side. Plus, we had fun creating the podcast and sharing travel stories and tips. Alex just returned from photographing the Seychelles Islands and I just returned form a self-assigned photographic assignment in the Carribean where I worked on lighting and some creative photography. Everyone has different ideas and great stories to share.I hope you enjoy hearing about our perception of price, travel stories, and product tips!


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