TWiT Brick House Grand Opening

My TWiT Photo cohost Leo Laporte is famously known as The Tech Guy and the King of the Internet – but at Sunday’s TWiT Brick House Grand Opening party, he also garnered himself a new moniker – Hef. Leo threw a party that could rival one of the notorious Hugh Hefner parties – and even donned a plush velvet red smoking jacket and was the very epitome of lush decadence in his regal man’s chair. The party was a blast, starting with Revision3 host Brian Brushwood‘s daredevil fire-eating stunt and ending with TWiT employees and guests on the dance floor showing their stuff and letting loose. Check out some photos of me, with my studio manager Trish in tow, along with other TWiT folks, such as Mad Magazine’s “Maddest Writer” Dick DeBartolo, Alex Lindsay, Robert Scoble and Bob Heil.


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  1. Lesley B

    I love your dress Catherine!!

  2. Leo is definitely pimping. I was hesitant to say that until I read your description. :)