TWiT Photo Episode 19 with Jasmine Star

  The TWiT Photo chatroom was all abuzz with vigor with American Photo Top 10 Wedding Photographer Jasmine Star as our guest. Jasmine brought her bubbly forthrightness and infectious optimism to the show – and shared her truly inspiring backstory about how she quit law school to be a professional photographer. One of my favorite quotes from her is actually from her husband, J.D.: “I'd rather see you fail at something you love, then succeed at something you hate.” Check out her exceptional blog, where she shares her life, photography and tips. Thanks Robert Simpson, Kevin Lindow and Kevin Lee on Google+ for spotting these great tips from Jasmine:

“ People choose a photographer as much as they choose photographs.”

"I've failed more than I've succeeded. And the more I fail, the more I will succeed."

"KIR (keep it real)."

Oh, and the wonderful Alex Lindsay is standing in for Leo Laporte, who is serving jury duty! Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Upcoming guest: Colby Brown. Have questions, suggestions or praises? Please email


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  1. j* is fabulous. I enjoyed the twit tv interview so much. I have been a follower of hers for yearsss now. She gives so much inspiration just because she stays true to her word. She is an amazing person.

    PS – I love the post-it idea! : D

  2. Stan zinberg

    I have been enjoying twit photo since you started doing it, but there was a chemistry between you and Jasmine * that made it a really great show. Please keep on ding you have been doing.