TWiT Photo Ep. 21 With Tyler Stableford

Truly inspiring photographers go above and beyond their art to capture the human condition – as well as use their art to influence change. Tyler Stableford, named one of the World’s Greatest Adventure Photographers” by Men’s Journal, is one of the most inspiring and giving artists I know. The multi-award-winning Aspen adventure photographer and cinematographer manages a hectic year-round schedule shooting commercial and editorial work for clients such as Adidas, Adobe, National Geographic and the New York Times – and somehow finds the time to devote at least one week a year to shoot probono for nonprofits. Here are a few of Tyler’s top tips:

“Shoot into the Sun!”

“Get the flash off the camera.”

“Go wide, go long.”

Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Upcoming guest: Vincent Laforet.

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  1. How about organizing a small TWiT group for Burning Man 2012?