TWiT Photo Ep. 27 with Tamara Lackey

  Navigating pesky little tots during a photo shoot can be tricky – Tamara Lackey’s protocol for manner-minding parents? “This is not the time to be raising moral humans.” You usually don’t associate the word “ballsy” with children portrait photographers, but Tamara’s not only a “ballsy” shooter dedicated to getting the perfect shot, she also doesn’t let anything get in the way of connecting with her subjects. Get this: she doesn’t have an assistant and holds her own reflector in addition to her 5D camera and somehow manages to get kids to relax and just have fun. Watch Tamara in action with her ninja moves and yes, you can't help a few “awws” and “so cute” while viewing her authentic images of children. Here are her top tips:

"Meet the child where they are."

"Look for light around you."

"Don't settle for cheese. Don't settle for pre-conditioned response."

Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Next week's guest: Boudoir photographer Sue Bryce.

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  1. Hey Catherine,

    Really love your stuff…just happened upon your website today and it’s really phenomenal. I love the fine art feel to your wedding work…it’s really special stuff.

    I also love your show. This episode was very helpful. I’m just starting to get more family shoots and boy are they HARD! This was great advice she had and you guys ask great questions. I will definitely be keeping up with your blog and your show!!