TWiT Photo Ep. 34 with Penny De Los Santos

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From beauties in-studio to grimy street food in Mexico City, Penny de los Santos has honed the skill of discovering and capturing the unique interactions between people and food. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the contributing photographer to Saveur magazine joined us to share her secrets for capturing the best photos at the family dinner. My favorite: “Sit across from the most interesting-looking people.” Watch the episode to learn Penny’s tips on telling a story even in the studio, how she gets by with just one lens, the biggest mistakes new food photographer’s make, and how to get inside people’s lives to capture the moments that will make timeless photographs.

Here are Penny’s top tips:

“Shoot beyond every assignment.”

“Find your point of departure.”

“Spend time with your subject.”

Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Next week: Action sports photographer Bob Martin!

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  1. I love hearing Ms. Santos’ thoughts on storytelling and photography as a medium of recording culture and moments. She is inspiring, to say the least, and whenever I have a chance I tell people about her photography and how/why she motivates me to become a better photographer.

  2. One of my favourite podcasts. What a shame I haven’t heard about Ms. Santos before!