TWiT Photo 42: Rockstars. Presidents. NFL. BIG event Photographer David Bergman

  The question on everyone’s mind must be: what hasn’t David Bergman done? With 11 covers for Sports Illustrated, including the coveted 2010 Super Bowl, and his distinction as official tour photographer for Bon Jovi, David gets a lot of game. He joins us live in the TWiT studio to discuss his now-famous GigaPan shot of Obama’s inauguration and shows viewers how he processes 600 frames of a GigaPan shot in a live software demo. Also, the music geek shares inside secrets on being a successful music tour photographer, and you won’t want to miss the moment he shocks Leo and me with his gigantic, $10G+ bazooka 600mm F4 Nikon lens. Here are Dave's top tips:

1. Visualize the photo you want to make.

2. Shoot details.

3. Learn how to light a portrait.

Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Next week: TWiT Photo Guest Quest winner Robby Cavanaugh, along with a surprise! Have questions, suggestions or praises? Please email


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  1. Neal Sacheck

    Wow! Totally cool and inspirational. I love the site and your format, very cool, relaxed and informational! I will definitely be following David. You guys ROCK!

    • Thanks for the kind words and encouragement Neal – You rock :)!