TWiT Photo 49: DAM Expert Peter Krogh

Peter Krogh has been a photographer for nearly thirty years, working for publications, agencies, corporations and NGOs worldwide. He loves to tell stories with words, still photos and motion imagery. He served on ASMP’s board of directors for six years, and founded its Digital Standards and Practices Committee. A widely-recognized industry leader, Peter is the Director of the project, and the author of “The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers” (O'Reilly, 2009), the best-selling book on digital photo management. He has created instructional material for the Library of Congress, World Press Photo, Microsoft and Adobe, to name a few. He spends much of his time spreading the gospel of good image management and effective workflow worldwide. Peters Tips: 1. When shooting kids, get wide and get down 2. Overdrive the Fill Light in Lightroom 3. Back your @#$% up! (punchline to go with image - because data loss is not picnic.) Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes.

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  1. Great images and tips. These are always so inspiring!