TWiT Photo 52: NYC Top Photographer Agent Frank Meo

Do you ever wonder what it means to have a Photo Agent? Watch this episode were Agent Frank Meo and Photographer Bruce Eisenberg discuss the necessity of an agent and tips on selecting the right one for you. Portfolio tips, misconceptions demystified of what an agent brings, and the bottom line of what it costs. We also take a look at Frank's book, Mind Prints, a book of visuals with.... no imagery. Yes, you read that correctly. * Bonus: I give a LIVE in-studio demo creating soft dramatic lighting . Many great tips were shared by Frank and Bruce in the show including:

Get Feedback: Speak to people and get lots of feedback on your "idea"

Seek help from Experts: Find people who are very smart and extremely helpful in areas where you lack expertise. This is a sign of strength not weakness!

Take your time and do it "right" - in the context of printing a book, framing a show, press release etc. Don't hurry the process.

You must have blind passion from start to finish...

Did you catch Trey Ratcliff's last Variety Hour? He discussed the new upcoming G+/Scott Kelby Conference. Watch it on TWiT TV Tune in Tuesday April 24th at 1:30 to see special guest Doug Kaye along with special guest hosts Trey Ratcliff and Sarah Lane filling in while Leo Laporte and I are in Norway. TWiT Photo - TWiT Netcast NetworkDon't miss a chance to watch or listen to your favorite photographers – download the TWiT Photo podcast on iTunes for free :)


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