TWiT Photo 55: Frederick Van Johnson and Derrick Story

Frederick Van Johnson and Derrick Story join guest host Sarah Lane in a discussion about social media and how it has changed the creative world of photography. Find out how learning everything positive and negative about analog photography helped Frederick become the great photographer he is today.  We also hear some stories of Frederick and Derrick from back in the days when they worked together. Below are three of Frederick's tips: 1) Define (and refine) your goals 2) Use the right tools. (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube) 3) Build a schedule, then test... rinse & repeat. Coming up May15 - Photographer Catherine Chalmers and her amazing macro photography. Did you catch Trey Ratcliff's last Variety Hour? Trey's topic is about learning and improving your photography. Watch it on TWiT TV TWiT Photo - TWiT Netcast NetworkDon't miss a chance to watch or listen to your favorite photographers – download the TWiT Photo podcast on iTunes for free :) Have questions, suggestions or praises? Please connect with us on the TWiT Photo Forum.

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  1. Cotton M

    CH glad to see the longer RSS posts. Thanks.

    Re podcasts: Early on you seemed to have people I didn’t know, maybe herd of but didn’t know. Lately you’ve had really highly visible folks who get loads of exposure and who we all know. I enjoy FVJ & TDS but see we all know those initials. And for my money the Kelby universe gets more than enough air time. Scott, etc are fun & interesting but they are at least as much media personalities as photogs. Why not try to find some folks who are less known from their own media life? And maybe you could have photographers who also write about photgraphy. I can think of three great bloggers: Mike Johnston,; Kirk Tuck,; Brooks Jensen of Hope you already know them if not well read their blogs. Lensworks is beautiful
    Just a thought though. Good job with Bill Frakes.