TWiT Photo 57: Macro Animal Behavioralist Catherine Chalmers

Catherine Chalmers home studio is full of roaches, praying mantis, mice, and other creepy crawlies. She shows us where nature and culture collide in some disturbing, evocative, yet beautiful imagery.

Throughout the interview Catherine shared some tips on how she prepares and shoots her unique subjects:

1. Like a painter, control the color of your palette by selectively feeding your subject. In this shot, Chalmers chose to feed the worm bright red tomatoes to contrast against the stark white and green of the scene.

2. When exposing the natural order of a food chain, 90% of the time is spent raising the animals. Timing is critical to make sure the frog matures before the praying mantis.  If you are not careful the natural food chain order will reverse.  Yes a praying mantis can, and will eat a frog.

3. To slow down cockroaches enough for clear photos either stick them in the refrigerator or spray with carbon dioxide.

**BONUS: Check out a true Safari as captured through Chalmers lipstick camera**

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