TWiT Photo 58: Nordic Light Part 1

  Grab a snack and enjoy watching Catherine and Leo interview three iconic photographers at the 2012 Nordic Light Festival in Kristiansund, Norway. The interviews are on location in three unique locations in Norway, on a ferry, on a lookout tower with 365 degree views and an old boathouse. Leo also shares some of the photos shot while on the trip. Morten Krogvold Norwegian photographer know for his portraiture. As a photographer, artist, and teacher, he has published numerous books and held exhibitions. Bruce Davidson Bruce has been a member of Magnum photo agency since 1958. Known for his photographs of Harlem, New York City, and Civil Rights movement. James Mollison Grew up in England, he moved to Italy to work at Benetton's creative lab after studying Art and Design at Oxford Brookes University. He's known for his work on the great apes which was featured at the Natural history Museum. Tip from Morten Krogvold - Find your own voice with photography: Quote from Bruce Davidson "Eye is attached to the brain, the brain is attached to the spirit" Tip from James Mollison: Have confidence in your ideas and just go! Coming up June 19 - Photographer and videographer Petra Cross will be in studio! Did you catch Trey Ratcliff's last Variety Hour? It was a fascinating show on body painting! Watch it on TWiT TV TWiT Photo - TWiT Netcast NetworkDon't miss a chance to watch or listen to your favorite photographers – download the TWiT Photo podcast on iTunes for free :) Have questions, suggestions or praises? Please connect with us on the TWiT Photo Forum.


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