TWiT Photo Rated Best New Tech Podcast on iTunes Rewind 2011

TWiT Photo had such a good year, and I’m incredibly honored to announce that we were rated one of three Best New Technology Podcasts on Apple’s “iTunes Rewind 2011.” The annual list shows off the bestselling, best-performing and most popular content on iTunes over the past 12 months. We were fortunate to have such a fantastic guest list, including prominent and inspiring photographers such as Pulitzer Prize winner Vincent Laforet, fashion celebrity Matthew Jordan Smith, lighting guru David Hobby, and No. 1 best-selling author Scott Kelby. I, for one, have had a blast every Tuesday connecting with and learning something new from some of my idols. Thank you, to loyal TWiT Photo viewers, who continue to engage me with your great suggestions and feedback. I am also deeply grateful to Leo Laporte for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, as well as to the TWiT family for producing a show that I’m tremendously proud of. Last but not least, thank you to Apple and iTunes for being so good to TWiT Photo in 2011. We were featured a few months ago on the Podcast front page, as well as on AppleTV. 2012 will be an even better and more exciting year for photography aficionados. Don’t miss our phenomenal first guest today, world-renowned FormulaOne photographer, Darren Heath!


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