TWiT Photo Ep. 23 Playboy Legend Arny Freytag

Much of the excitement during the TWiT Photo live show is in the chatroom. This week, Dan our super moderator had a tough time because the viewers were all hot and heavy and abuzz with a stream of questions and comments. This was not just because our guest, Arny Freytag, is a Playboy legend who rubs shoulders with Hef and has shot Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Anna Nicole Smith. People were genuinely blown away – and some in disbelief – by his revelation that he doesn’t use Photoshop! Watch the video to learn Arny’s invaluable lessons on posing and communication; here are his top three tips:

“Communicate with your models – all too often the photographer stands there and freezes or doesn’t know what to say. Most of my models are non-professionals and have NEVER been photographed. It is up to me to make them comfortable and turn them into models very quickly.”

“Choose your lens based on compression and foreground to background ratio – not based on how far you are from your subject.”

“The secret to great photography is heavily related to the photographs you do NOT take.”

Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Next week’s guest: Product and Advertising Photographer Alex Koloskov.

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