TWiT Photo at WPPI 2012: Is Technology A Menace to Photography?

You all are in for a big treat. Today’s TWiT Photo episode features a panel of eight industry experts and insiders engaged in pointed, and often heated, discussion addressing: Is Technology a Menace to Photography? Convened at a private WPPI studio in MGM's Grand Arena; the luminary-studded group included Pulitzer Prize winner Greg Gibson, celebrity photographer and Help-Portrait creator Jeremy Cowart, reDefine host Tamara Lackey, Fast Track Photographer educator Dane Sanders, legendary wedding photographers Cliff Mautner and Jerry Ghionis, hot emerging fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, and glamour queen Sue Bryce. We discussed topics, such as the too-easy lure of technological gimmickry to smooth over lack of artistic know-how; self-education and cultivation of a unique creative vision with responsible and mindful use of technology; the future of point-and-shoots and DSLRs in an age of camera phones; and the relevance of professional photographers over the coming decade. If your ears aren’t already burning, they will be. TWiT Photo is streamed live on Tuesdays at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET on, part of the TWiT Netcast Network. Viewers can also find episodes of TWiT Photo on or on iTunes.


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  1. Nicholas Gonzalez

    Very important dialogue! And solid medicine for the aspiring photographer who has not yet quit his day job. (me, just me) :)

  2. Nicholas Gonzalez

    If I may say just one thing as a fan and apt pupil of all of your work: Isn’t all this negative, cynical statements of the business what photographers of the past said about you all? And what did YOU all do about it? You persevered, you failed, got up and did your work. So what message can a photographer, fighting to do what he loves, learning from teachers who say it’s all going down hill, but thanks for attending my society, workshops, blog?

  3. this has been a great pod cast Chatherine..good stuff