Viceroy, Anguilla | A Luxurious Paradise

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Image from the Viceroy, Anguilla website I had just finished presenting at Wedding 360 and I was more than ready for lunch. Waiting impatiently for my food at the St. Regis buffet table, I secretly prayed that I would not have to engage in any form of conversation. I saw someone approaching me. I clung tightly to my plate, looked down and hoped for an escape. When I realized I was being approached by Virgil Napier of Viceroy Anguilla, the idea of talking to someone suddenly didn't seem all that bad. The next thing I knew I was engaged in an interesting conversation. I put my plate down like it was no big deal-- food didn't even exist anymore. I was familiar with Viceroy of course, but was not that familiar with their new flagship location in the Caribbean. As Virgil described the luxurious Anguilla property I was swept away by visions of a beautiful resort on the edge of endless white sand beaches flowing into crystal clear turquoise water. Virgil encouraged me to take a look at the resort and even consider a visit. He spoke about potentially placing me on their preferred vendors list to shoot there in the future. Excited, I ran back to my computer to do my research! When I saw the resort my jaw just dropped. I was staring at a tropical paradise. Not only are the beaches gorgeous, but the breathtaking building is truly a work of art impeccably decorated by Kelly Wearstler. I was not surprised to learn that the resort was placed on the Conde Nast Traveller HOT LIST for 2010. I immediately emailed Virgil asking when I could come. Now, having just arrived in Anguilla yesterday, my exceptionally high expectations have already been exceeded.  Details to follow - I need a little pool time right now.


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  1. Whoo Hoo!!! Eat it up girl!! Enjoy your pool time!! Sooo…sooo happy for you!

  2. CatherineHall

    how did you know that i have been stuffing my face? To much yummy food and cocktails!

  3. Angela

    Jessika and I were lonely without you guys and Virgil but managed to make the most of our two addiional days due to the flight cancellation. ;) However, we missed our goodbyes!! It all happened so fast! It was an amazing and delicious adventure all around and I’m so glad I got to meet you guys and share such a cool experience. xoxo -Angela