Viceroy Anguilla | Paradise Found

Beautiful view from the bedroom of my Villa _MG_3814.jpgMe with extraordinary host Virgil Napier (he could write a book on it!) A gentle breeze blew a lock of hair across my face as I stepped onto our villa patio to gaze at the sparkling turquoise water. I breathed in deeply, enjoying the fresh scent of an ocean mist lingering in the air. My mind, being in perma-photography mode, instantly honed in on the stunning blue hue of the water. I thought- "wow whoever photoshopped the water did a great job!" I laughed, catching myself at my own mind game. True this setting embodied every notion of art, a snapshot of a far off tropical island resort, but it was also the reality in which I was currently residing. Nothing prepared me for the phenomenal Viceroy Anguilla resort. My host, Virgil Napier, insisted on many occasions, "I can't describe it. You won't understand until you come."  He was beyond correct. Despite traveling to many places in the world I was still absolutely stunned by the gorgeous scenery and skillfully designed resort. The beaches and tropical island setting are unrivaled. Stunning views of crystal clear water and long stretches of white sand beaches are hard to beat. But more than anything, the resort itself defines ultimate luxury. The design is innovative, so detailed and truly artistic beyond just great architecture.  No expense was spared, no corner left untouched with tasteful decor. The resort flows into the landscape flawlessly and enticingly luxurious. The resort truly captures every desire. There is ample space for enjoyable social mingling in the exquisite restaurants and bars. Days can be filled with bike rides, kayaking, and beach lounging. Viceory Anguilla also perfectly capitalizes on the luxury of seclusion. The spacious villas embody the ultimate private retreat. They boast personal pools, plush rooms, and are stocked full of amenities. Even more, the customer service is impeccable. Virgil Napier is the most hospitable host I have ever been taken care of by. Every guest is met with an intimate experience catering to his or her individual needs and desires. This attentiveness and kindness defines the Viceroy Anguilla as a top of the line destination resort located in a tropical paradise.


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