Winner Revealed: Aperture 3 Apple Pro Training Series Book

I am excited to announce the winner of my second reader-gift giveaway, an Apple Pro Training Series book that covers the ins and outs of Apple's flagship photo editing application, Aperture 3. It was easy to enter the drawing--I asked readers simply to leave a comment sharing what camera they use. Responses ranged the gamut from Nikon D700 to Canon 40D--there was even an iPhone thrown into the mix! I think everybody had a good time connecting with one another and learning what cameras their peers are using. Thank you to everybody who joined in the fun. Are you the winner? In the following two-minute video, my Studio Manager announces who was selected for this reader gift. I will be offering more reader gifts in the coming months, so there's further opportunity to connect with other photographers for the chance to win some goodies. Have a great week!


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  1. Ach! LOL. Looking forward to the launch and the announcement!

  2. The random generator picked Denise – that’s me! Woohoo. Fab. Thank you Catherine x