At One With The Playa

Every year, thousands travel from all over the world to Black Rock City to rejoice in the freedom of expression at Burning Man. In the desert, your bike is pretty much your best friend. I took this photograph during my first year at the festival and I wanted to capture the great vibe of the place – how it’s more about the lived experience, than the colorful individuals who inhabit the Playa. The bike and the mirror allow us to experience this woman's creative self-expression and spontaneity, but they are also a channel through which we experience the nonconformist and alternate reality of a harmonious gathering of free and creative spirits.


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  1. Very nice shot.

    And very nice to see you don’t have a problem with nudity as quite some american photogs in the blogosphere seem to have…

    anyway, great shot and I am becoming a fan of yours more and more. good to see oyu on twit photo!

    keep on rockin’

    • Teymur, I’m excited that you love TWiT Photo! I love shooting people at their most real and raw – and nudity has little to do with the entirety of the shot. It’s more the representation of the person’s identity. Glad you love it :)