WPPI Radio With Scott Sheppard | Catherine Hall on Wedding Photography and Promotion

In the fast paced viral world we live in today, traditional marketing does not always cut it anymore. In this WPPI Radio interview with Scott Sheppard I speak about my Marketing Resource Guide and the Master Class I taught at WPPI 2010 based on these ideas. I hope this interview encourages people to take a look at alternative forms of marketing. Social media outlets provide cost effective and far reaching ways to get your name out there. As I tell Scott, taking advantage of current technology is a smart way to move ahead. I firmly believe in the power of social media and even share which outlets I prefer and why. Plus I explain how getting involved in the the social media world has been both challenging and inspiring. Take a minute to listen to my interview with Scott. To listen to my interview select interview # 92 Here.I would love to hear how you are utilizing viral and social media marketing in your business. Please share via comments!

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  1. Love your interview :) especially how many don’t really know how to use Twitter for their businesses. I see it more beneficial for mid-large corporations for various reasons, but for us, it’s just for community building.