As I mentioned in a previous blog, I received a scholarship to attend one week workshop photographing in Appalachia. I decided to spend more time in the mountains and rented a car after the workshop ended. I have spent the last two weeks driving around Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia. Driving by myself in “the sticks” has been quite an adventure. The second day my car broke down in the middle of nowhere (with no cell phone service I might add) and I had to be towed to the nearest town, which was 1.5 hours away. The whole ordeal took around 5 hours, eek!

Today I went to a Baptist church ceremony in the town of Keystone; lets just say I was the only “white girl” in there. I have also explored coalmines, been invited in many persons homes, and spent a lot of time with the locals. Overall, it has been a great trip and I have created a lot of images I am really excited about.

Keystone Baptist Church, West Virginia
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