You could feel the smouldering heat on your eyes and skin, yet the team of us at fellow photog Tara Arrowood’s wedding at Burning Man was high on excitement from being a part of the unconventional Bohemian nuptials. When we had a minute away from the frenzy of the celebration, I organized a last-minute photo shoot with Jonathan Michael and Linnae Asiel of avant-garde design firm, Asiel Design. Ever the consummate pros, Jon and Linnae crafted an edgy reception adorned with their signature style – blossoming succulents of dark classical gothic colors meshed with an air of European sensual lightness appropriate for a wedding atmosphere. As a colleague, you can’t help but admire this cool couple. People adore them and their eclectic, inventive artistry – yet they really are just down-to-earth, and genuinely nice people to be around. Check out their work at http://www.asieldesign.com.


The tones and colors are wonderful you can really feel the grit on his boots and the sky has a ton of pop. Great depth and expressions as well. What kind of lighting set did you use or was it natural light?

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