Quick Tip: It’s OK to be Vulnerable

Tip: If you have the desire to succeed and be exceptional, you will inevitably be exposed to criticism and rejection. Don't be afraid to put yourself at risk and express yourself in a way that will al...


Quick Tip: Keep it Clean

Tip: Bring lots of big heavy duty ziplock bags.  Literally stuff some in every pocket.  If a dust/sandstorm does make an appearance, throw the camera in a bag, zip it, and run for your shelter!  When ...


Nokia Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 The Apple iPhone 4s I think the grain, the blacks, and the skin tones speak for themselves here. Wow Nokia. Is it a phone that has a camera? Or is it a camera that has a ph...


Quick Tip: Children Are The Boss

Tip: Make no mistake, children are their own bosses. If you want something from them, you’ll have to work for it. Some kids are naturals in front of a camera and will pose effortlessly. If you are fac...


Quick Tip: Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Batteries Closer

Tips: And I mean really close (Inside your jacket, against your body).  Even full batteries have a habit of dying in freezing conditions.  Don’t let them.  If your camera dies, first try switching the...


Behind the Scenes | Catherine Hall Studios Christmas Card

The Catherine Hall Studios Holiday Card needed to be something new. After years of sharing images that represent our sense of beauty and inspiration, this year felt right to show our team. Each memb...


Quick Tip: Never Change Your Lens

Tip: When traveling to any arid environment, especially one prone to 80mph dust storms (like Burning Man), plan ahead.  Visualize your shots and choose a lens that will best suit your needs.  Then, do...


Quick Tip: Shooting in the Wind

Quick Tip: Love it when a little breeze comes along and lifts a model’s hair, and makes her outfit flow?  So do I.  It gives life and motion to what is really a still image.  When that little breeze b...


Quick Tip: Accept the Challenge

Tip: This is for new photographers in particular. A lot of times you will be offered jobs that you think you can't do, and you just have to put faith in the fact that if the person offering you the jo...


Quick Tip: Help’s Around The Corner

Tip: It can be intimidating to work with a subject you cannot control. Remember you are the artist and if you have a vision, don’t be afraid to ask for help. For my Tasmania series, I had a vision of ...




Catherine Hall’s breathtaking images have inspired audiences for over a decade. Her fine-art photography has been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, and international assignments have taken her to more than thirty countries on five continents. Catherine’s work regularly appears in leading editorial publications like the New York Times, Coastal Living and National Geographic Traveler. Among her prestigious roster of commercial clients are Sephora, Reuters, and John Deere. Her professional sponsorships include Adobe, Epson and SanDisk. She is the former co-host and producer of TWiT Photo which was named “Best New Tech Podcast” in iTunes.

With nearly two million social media followers industry leaders like Google, Macworld, and WPPI regularly seek her out as a speaker and judge. Catherine is a driven perfectionist, unapologetic tech geek, and charismatic public figure. She loves dancing to electronic music, skiing bluebird powder days, and singing really loudly when no one is around.