On June 8, 2oo6 we covered the NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony and the annual Reuters Remix Redux Party. Our images of the events graced the Reuters screen (the largest digital display in the world) and the NASDAQ screen (towering 21 stories). Images included VIPs, party guests and entertainers, such as Michelle Branch of the Wreckers. These images also appeared in the New York Times on the following Monday (Download ny_times_article_2.pdf) and the July WPPI newsletter.

Sharon Harris, the director of marketing at Reuters, was so pleased with the photographs that she decided to publish her first book using only our images. The book is scheduled to go to print this week and looks fantastic! I would like to thank my second photographer, Eric Kragh, and my production specialist, Justin Heiman, for doing such an incredible job. I couldn’t have done it without them.


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