In a fast-paced, every-second-counts environment – such as a wedding – I often prefer using a continuous light source.  No light meters, excessive gear, etc. to slow me down when I don’t have the luxury of time.

In the image of this gorgeous groom, which Grace Ormonde ran on its title page, my continuous light source allowed me to capture my subject before he hurried off to his wedding reception at the stunning Viansa Winery.

With that said, portable hot lights, though more mobile then my studio strobes, have not always impressed me – short battery life, external heavy battery packs, and harsh quality of light have often caused major frustration. But the game is changing…

Jerry Ghionis is coming out with his new Ice Light which will definitely become a go-to item in my arsenal.  It’s slim profile, lightweight portability, and diffused quality of light are something to be very excited for.  Plus, Jerry designed it so – it has to be good. Another bonus?  It comes with five gel packs to enhance the cool or warm effect of its illumination.

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