And the Lowepro Bag Winner Is…

What a great response to my giveaway offer–thank you to everybody who participated in the contest. In order to win a free Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650 AW shoulder bag, I asked folks to craft a striking, vivid description of their favorite photograph of all time. Wow, you people are writers! What lush, evocative descriptions–not to mention tastefully chosen images. Some of my favorite comments included:Trey Ratcliff’s stunning “An Icelandic Horse in the Wild” leaves John Martin awe-struck. Shawn Reeder described “In the Early Light,” focusing on the joy of finding the perfect vista on Shuteye Ridge. Andy Macpherson finds inspiration in “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper,” by Charles Ebbets. A wedding image by Joe Buissink wows Bryn Clark. VeroG, Dave Krepps, William, and Alicia Sisk all chose to describe images by–well–moi! Thanks, guys.

As difficult as it was to choose, I narrowed down my favorite entry to Darren Su’s. His intimate description evokes the cultural and historical nostalgia of family. Please see Darren’s winning entry and the accompanying image below:I never met my grandfather, because he died just a few years after taking this amazing color photo of my mom and grandmother in 1949. These are two of the most precious people in the world to me, and here they are in their youth sharing a truly magical and wonderful moment surrounded by brilliant color and light so many years ago. My grandfather’s award winning photographs are like a window in time. They have been a huge source of inspiration for me as a photographer.1949_chen_B10_009_DS900.jpg

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